Recent CSAC Grants

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  • Fischer 2008-2011. ESRC - CASE Award with Stockholm Environment Institute (Oxford). A comparison of social learning and local decision making in change adaptation to water scarcity issues in South Africa and the UK using the climate envelopes and knowledge elicitation - £90,000.
  • Fischer 2007-10. Cook Islands Natural Heritage Foundation - E-Science framework for tracking biodiversity in the Cook Islands - £7000.
  • Zeitlyn 2008-2011 AHRC When are Endangered Languages endangered?. £350,000
  • Fischer 2009-10 Stockholm Environment Institute (Oxford)  - Elimination by Aspects in Ethnographically based Decision Analysis -£5000
  • Howard, Fischer 2011-2012 NERC - ESPA approx £150,000. (with Patricia Howard, Raj Puri, Andrew Dorward (SOAS) and Kathy (Oxford)). Human adaption to biodiversity change: building and testing concepts, methods and tools for understanding and supporting autonomous adaptation.
  • Vougioukalou 2010: ‘Using online collaborative platforms to facilitate knowledge transfer partnerships between universities and community organisations’, Higher Education Fund for Innovation 4, HEFCE, £2,000 
  • Vougioukalou 2010: ‘Anthropological approaches to programme evaluation’, Knowledge Transfer Small Awards, HEFCE, £1,000 
  • Henig, 2013-2014 Wenner Gren Knowledge Transmission in Pastoral Communities in Tajikistan. $12,500
  • Henig (Co-PI), 2012-2013 ‘Languages of informality’, CEELBAS Research Network Workshops £2,500
  • Sosna and Henig 2014-2016  ‘Social dimension of household waste: consumption in the post-socialist space’, (PI Dr Daniel Sosna, University of West Bohemia) Czech Science Foundation, CZK 2,734000 (£80,000).
  • Roberts and Fischer 2013-14 NERC Pathfinder £20,000. iTrade Wildlife. 
  • Demian and Fischer, 2012-2016. ESRC £147,960. Legal Innovation in Papua New Guinea.
  • Fischer 2014 Software Sustainability Institute, £3000 for SSI Fellowship 2014.
  • Roberts 2014 NERC £1,616. Mind your CBDs.

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